T5 245 hp

Engine Tuning – RICA Stage 1

Price : £408.25 GBP + VAT  

Specifications Max Power Max Torque
Standard 245  hp  @ 5745  rpm 350  Nm  @ 2700  rpm
RICA 276  hp  @ 5745  rpm 420  Nm  @ 2700  rpm

The Stage 1 upgrade is optimised to give a balance of performance and economy. When driven economically, a small improvement in fuel economy can be achieved when compared with the standard car. However, the actual economy improvement achieved will vary depending on your driving style, the types of roads you normally drive on, as well as other factors such as tyre pressure etc.


  • 100% dealership service compliant
  • 100% emissions compliant
  • Slightly improved fuel economy
  • Enhanced performance and drivability
  • Safer overtaking

RICA Engineering recommends 98 RON super-unleaded fuel in order to achieve the maximum performance and maximum fuel economy. 95 RON can be used but performance and economy may be adversely affected.


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