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Volvo Specialists

Dealer level service, without the price tags.

We have grown to become Scotland's largest Independent Volvo Specialists due to our focus on quality workmanship and customer service.

With an average saving of 40%-50% compared to main dealer price tags, free collection and delivery service in Glasgow and surrounding areas, transport links within a short walking distance of our base in Bridgeton Glasgow, our aim is to provide a 5 star service for Volvo drivers.

Having our senior technician Paul McCawley (previously of Murray Volvo Townhead Glasgow, Taggarts Volvo Maryhill Glasgow and Taggarts Volvo Motherwell) you can rest assured that your Volvo will be serviced, maintained, repaired and diagnosed to the highest possible standards.


Free Collection & Delivery Service


Free Courtesy Cars


Dealer Trained Technicians


Up to 40% Savings

Still Under Warranty? We can also service your vehicle even if it is still under manufacturers warranty, using only the best of Original Equipment Service parts. Book a service now >
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Voltech only ever use Original Equipment Manufacturers service parts, therefore having your car serviced and maintained with us will not invalidate your warranty.

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Software Downloads

Voltech is an official Volvo Vida Partner. This means we can code ECU's, program spare keys, diagnose any fault with precision and much much more.

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We only employ highly trained technicians who have a proven and tested knowledge in Volvo repairs.

volvo diagnostics glasgow


We only use Volvo's latest original diagnostic software. This helps us to pinpoint faults that other garages can't find.

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Air Conditioning

We offer a wide range of air conditioning services, from a simple system clean to a full system re-gas. Our prices are very competitive.

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We are a DVSA approved class 4 MOT testing station based close to the centre of Glasgow, we can carry out MOT tests on your Volvo or any other make of vehicle which you may have.

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Lease Car Servicing

Voltech Volvo Specialists are an official service agent of the 1 Link network in Glasgow. You can book directly with us or via the 1 Link Service network, the choice is yours.


Volvo Selekt Warranty Repairs

We are a Volvo Selekt Warranty Approved Repair Garage. Let us take away the hassle...

polestar maintenance glasgow

Polestar Maintenance

We are a Volvo Selekt Warranty Approved Repair Garage. Let us take away the hassle...


About Volvo & Voltech

Volvos are reliable cars that can give you a lifetime of driving happiness.

Unfortunately, like with any car, things can go wrong sometimes. When that happens and you need work done on your car, it can often be difficult to find a mechanic who knows these cars inside and out. If you end up in a situation like this and you need your Volvo diagnosed or repaired, here are a few tips for finding the right Volvo mechanic to help you out in a jam...

Volvo Trained Technicians

The first thing you want to find when looking for a mechanic are ones that are specifically trained as Volvo technicians. Volvo technicians know how to properly diagnose faults the first time, whereas general mechanics can often have you returning to the garage time and time again before they will pinpoint a fault. When your car has issues, you want your car fixed first time so that you are not wasting both time and money just to get your car running smoothly again.

Proper Tools

If you've ever been to a Volvo Specialist, you know that they have the proper diagnostic tools to help find what is wrong with your vehicle and get it fixed for you as soon as possible. General diagnostic systems, especially with the technology in modern cars today, are often inaccurate in their diagnosis of issues that may be specific to Volvo. The right tools for finding the problem will get you the right service for fixing the problem.

Proper Parts

Original Equipment Manufacturers parts aren't just the best option when it comes to servicing your Volvo, but they should be the only option. Many mechanics tend to go with the cheapest option of generic parts to try and keep costs down. While these parts will do the job, they don't have the quality or reliability of OEM Specification parts for your Volvo. The problem might well be fixed for now, but it could only end up costing you more money in the long run when you don't use OEM parts for your Volvo.

In the end it is important to realise the true value of a Volvo Specialist Mechanic who is trained in the complex engine and workings of your Volvo, and who realises the importance of using the correct OEM Specification parts on your Volvo.

Additional Services We Offer

Air conditioning services are another key element we have to offer. Make an enquiry when coming in to see us as we offer a technical clean to a full system re-gas. We also offer polestar tuning, this does not affect the manufacturer’s warranty but increases the turbocharger boost pressure, recalibrates the throttle response and optimizes ignition and fuel mapping, all resulting in greater boost performance on an already brilliant car performance.

This polestar tuning is unique to Volvo, who aim to impress their customers with outstanding results in car design time and time again. With this increase torque and horsepower, climbing those hills just became a lot more pleasurable.

Need An MOT For your Volvo?

Here at Voltech we can arrange MOT's for Your Volvo. We can offer very competitive MOT/SERVICE packages for your car. We can provide all of your motoring needs, from exhausts, batteries, timing belt kits, Dealer level diagnostic checks, wheel bearings, brakes, suspension, clutches, gearbox overhauls, servicing, all for your Volvo, all carried out by dealership trained mechanics.

Voltech in a Nutshell

We are an independent garage, specializing in Volvo cars and Volvo lease cars. If your Volvo is still under the manufacturer’s warranty, you are safe in our hands. Your manufacturer’s warranty will not be void when serviced in our garage. We use only original equipment manufacturers parts and oils, specifically investing in the latest Volvo diagnostic and software equipment. We really are a one stop, down to earth, communicable shop for any of your Volvo issues. Conveniently located near the city centre of Glasgow and confidently head and shoulders above the competition, including main Volvo dealer garages, we deliver exceptional results, no nasty surprises.

We are very competitively priced and strive to provide a hassle free, gratifying experience. We have heard time and time again that our services exceed that of a typical Volvo main dealer with a first time fix every time attitude, complimentary wash and hoover from our professional in house valeter and with one the largest stockists of Volvo parts in the country, we can ensure you are off road for the smallest amount of time possible. With advanced bookings, we even have a fleet of courtesy cars available at your disposal.

What’s good having a car that’s not well maintained and well-serviced?

If it’s prone to even the tiniest amount of damage, then how could you feel comfortable and secure while driving it? Volvos are the best premium cars which are known to be the safest cars in the world. If you are a happy owner of a Volvo, do you try to keep her happy too? A perfectly serviced and regularly maintained car will stay loyal to you for a longer period of time. To have safe driving experience in your Volvo, the Volvo repair specialist in Glasgow – VOLTECH offers you their professional services necessary for car maintenance.

Looking for a good Volvo garage in Glasgow? You have certainly landed in the right place. Whatever maintenance and repairs your Volvo needs, we have got it all covered for you!

What’s the need for a Volvo Repair Specialist?

Though the mileage varies according to the make and year of a Volvo, usually 20 years with more than 200,000 miles seems to be its average lifespan. How long your Volvo provides you with a smooth and comfortable drive, highly depends on how much care you take of it. The way you treat your car in terms of maintenance, driving habits, and the climate, it pays you back.

The Volvo cars are extremely weather resistant and hence they keep you comfortable in chilly weather in Glasgow. Moreover, in the days when it snows these cars are safe and stable to drive on the roads covered with snow. To keep its accessories strong enough to bear the harshness of weather, it needs repair services by a professional.

Volvo is also equipped with a system that detects whether the car is at a safe distance from the other cars or not. To save it from any accident the brake system comes into play. For the car to energize the braking system in time, it must be checked thoroughly for any malfunctioning beforehand.

A point to ponder is that despite all its goodness will it give you the advantage at the time you need it the most? What if there’s a problem in any of the systems that you might have overlooked? Don’t you think it’s better to have it checked by an expert Volvo mechanic? Sometimes you can’t figure out the problem on your own but definitely, a Volvo repair specialist technician at Voltech can help you.

Volvo Repair Specialists in Glasgow – VOLTECH

For a premium car as special as a Volvo, you might also want to hire someone who has expertise in repair and maintenance services of your Volvo. You can’t just hand over your car to any mechanic. You must look for the best Volvo specialists’ garage! Voltech Automotive Ltd, a family run independent Volvo Specialists Garage, is the one which has got it all covered for your Volvo under one roof. Located near the city center of Glasgow, we provide you with the best diagnosis and repair services of your Volvo. Here at Voltech, we have the latest tools and original Volvo Vida diagnostic and software equipment to ascertain that your Volvo gets the best diagnosis and maintenance facilities.

Not only this, but we have a team of highly competent Volvo Repair Specialist. They will certainly provide your Volvo with the best maintenance services in town!

At a competitive rate, we offer following services for your Volvo:

  • Polestar tuning for good BHP and improved torque
  • RICA performance Tuning
  • Air conditioning services
  • Lease car servicing
  • Hunter 4 Wheel alignment
  • Volvo Vida Software for diagnostics. Our trained repair professionals help identify the fault quickly with the help of such software.
  • To suit your needs, we provide both interim services and full services of essential maintenance. Even more, we use OEM standard service parts to not affect the warranty.

To save you from the hustle of searching Volvo parts in every nook and corner of Glasgow Scotland, we have the largest stocks available. Furthermore, for your ease, we provide car pickup and delivery services too. Our drivers are experienced and mature enough to handle your Volvo with care. And yes! There’s a little complimentary service valet for the car too!

A pictorial view of our garage will probably convince you more. Have a look.

Message from the competent Volvo Repair Specialists at Voltech in Glasgow:

We feel proud to let you know that with our sincere efforts we have prospered to become the largest independent Volvo Repair Specialist in Glasgow. This hard-earned reputation is the result of our dedication to providing the best services to meet our customer’s expectations.

Also, if you think we have a link with the Volvo franchise, let's put this idea to rest. We are proud of being an independent Volvo Repair Specialist in Glasgow.

To sum it all up, a Volvo car must go for engine and other systems checkup routinely. It improves the efficiency and life span of the car. Even more, if the car goes in the hand of a Volvo repair specialist who knows his job well, that’s a bonus!

Convinced enough? 😀 Then what are you waiting for? Book an appointment with us now!! Oh, are you still juggling with the thought whether to hand over your Volvo for repair and maintenance to us or not? Why not give us a try and see for yourself!? We promise you won’t be disappointed! You’ll leave as a happy customer and so do your Volvo.


Voltech Automotive
70-72 Rogart Street
G40 2AA

Tel: 0141 554 4433


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Voltech Automotive is proud to be fully independent and would like to make you aware that we are in no way connected to the Volvo franchise, Volvo Car UK, or any of their respective businesses.